East Midlands Freewheelers

- Who We Are

East Midlands Free Wheelers (EMFW) are a group of volunteers who provide vital services to the NHS completely free of charge. We deliver human breast milk, blood, medical supplies and equipment anywhere in the country.


Our services are provided 24/7. We provide this service at no cost at all to the NHS with a large emphasis on making a huge difference to public health, to help reduce bed blocking and save the NHS vast sums of money enabling them to provide a better service overall.

Human Breast Milk - Milk Banks in the UK provide screened donor milk to sick, premature babies in NICUs.


We specialise in transporting the milk between Donors and Milk Banks or between Milk Banks and Hospital Neo Natal Wards free of charge.


In October 2021, we opened our Milk Hub in the East Midlands, Lauren's Milk Hub,



Blood and Blood Products - We provide a professional and reliable out of hours transport service for Blood and Blood products, 365 days a year. We also provide GP's with the ability to offer evening and weekend Clinics by transporting their samples to the Pathology Department. No more having to take a day off work to have a blood sample taken. 

Services We Provide Free of Charge

How Can You Help?

We are a Volunteer run charity, and we are only able to carry out this vital work, thanks to the support from the community and local businesses.


Every day, there is more that we are being asked to do, to support the NHS. Our growth has surpassed all of our expectations and is a testament to the effort of our selfless volunteers.


If you can help, in any way, please get in touch:-




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A huge Thankyou to Everyone who volunteers, donates or Supports EMFW, allowing us to provide this vital service